Despite howls of protest from residents at the Shangri-La, council granted Holborn Developments an additional 16′ of height in exchange for additional DCL’s, community amenities and reportedly $14.0 M in transferable heritage density.  That will put the Ritz-Carlton tower at 616′ versus 646′ for the Shangri-La. Frances Bula’s reporting on the Council meeting is here.

Original Approved Design for Ritz-Carlton Vancouver

Original Approved Design for Ritz-Carlton Vancouver

Holborn applied to amend the existing CD-1 zoning for this site to allow an additional 80,000 SF of residential FSR, increasing the total FSR from 17.74 to 20.8.  It also sought to increase the number of residential units (located on floors 25 – 67) from 124 to 193 and hotel rooms from 127 to 176.

This project is shaping up to be something quite different from what was originally envisioned. Construction has yet to start, so stay tuned for more changes ahead (brand, developer…?).

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